Medical Assistance in Dying | MAID in Canada

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Medical Assistance in Dying | MAID in Canada
Chancellor Mr Graham Goldsmith warmly invites you to attend the 2016 Chancellor's Lecture - Medical Assistance in Dying: MAID in Canada

In February 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the prohibition against physician-assisted dying violated the constitutional right to "life, liberty, and security of the person". The government then established a panel to examine options for a legislative response to the ruling. The panel's final report, helped shape Canada's legislation, legalising Medical Assistance in Dying.

Swinburne University is pleased to welcome Professor Harvey Max Chochinov - Chair of the panel - to deliver this year's Chancellor's Lecture. He is an internationally renowned researcher in palliative care and issues related to dignity towards end-of-life. Professor Chochinov will share his unique personal experiences and perspectives regarding Canada's entry into Medical Assistance in Dying and pose key questions related to dignity in end of life care.

Professor Chochinov is a Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba and Director of the Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit, CancerCare Manitoba. He holds the only Canadian Research Chair in Palliative Care.
Wednesday, 23 November 2016 at 5:30 PM
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